TekTouch POS System

The many features of TekTouch POS!


allows merchants to create pages where they place their custom menu items and promotion buttons, all in a matter of minutes! The set-up is streamlined and easy-to-use.


allows management to seamlessly create and send schedules to employees, and enables both management and employees to post messages to one another. T&A also features exportable reports that make it easier for the merchant’s payroll company to issue pay.


allow merchants to navigate the menu and locate their menu items in seconds, whether there are four or four thousand items. They can even search for a particular item by name.


eliminates oversight on costly lost inventory, and easily manages inventory to keep track of everything, right down to the smallest stocked items.


are configurable in a hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly format. Whether the merchant is looking for broad strokes or in-depth profit and loss reports, our system provides it all.


are a manager’s dream. From payment breakdown and profit-per-item, to detailed inventory and marketing and financial reports, the merchant can easily generate any or all of these and more with a touch of a button.


provides merchants with a comprehensive history of all of their orders with all the relevant information they need.


automatically stores customer data for quick and easy future transactions - whether walk-in, pick-up, delivery or dine-in.


is a crucial component of the TekTouch POS because our users’ security is of utmost importance to us. That is why we have partnered with the industry’s most trusted and reliable gateways to ensure end-to-end security.

TekTouch POS
TekTouch POS
TekTouch POS

Additional Informations

Restaurant Management

  • Split tickets by number of people or by items ordered
  • Transfer tickets between servers
  • Save tickets and tabs
  • Time and attendance
  • Multiple tender payments (cash and card on same bill)
  • Pay in/out functionality and reporting
  • Kitchen printers and grouping
  • Customer order history

Restaurant Ordering

  • Customizable menu area
  • Menu shortcut button for easy navigation
  • Recreate or retrieve a past order in seconds
  • Search bar can be used to find and order items
  • Table side ordering and payment
  • 4 different modifier types make ordering foolproof
  • Order types help track revenue and reduce errors


  • View reports on iPad and Computer
  • Break down reports by day, week, month or year
  • Sales data on inventory at department, category and item levels
  • Sales by day part
  • Employee monitoring – time and attendance, pay in/out, wages due, etc…
  • A variety of must have analytics such as best or worst selling item


  • Set reorder reminders
  • Track anything and everything!
  • Reduce lost profits caused by theft and errors
  • Track an item using up to three different measurement units – Purchasing, Physical, Relieving
  • Transfer inventory between locations using your online business portal
  • Build recipes to track inventory for ingredients and raw goods

Business Management

  • Unlimited barcodes/SKU’s
  • Works offline when your internet is down
  • Search bar can be used to find items by name and place the order
  • Set different tax rates for different items
  • Easily build promotions and apply discounts
  • 900 items available within 2 buttons or less


  • Scanner makes ringing up order a breeze
  • Customizable menu area
  • Menu shortcut button for easy navigation
  • Recreate or retrieve a past order in seconds
  • Mobile ordering for businesses on the run
  • 4 different modifier types make ordering foolproof
  • Order types help track revenue and reduce errors

TekCard Loyalty & Marketing

  • Capture actionable customer info
  • Create digital punch card programs
  • Create points-per-dollar-spent programs
  • Segment your customers and send targeted marketing messages
  • Loyalty system fraud notifications

Back Office Tools

  • Access your business, anywhere you need it
  • Short helpful training videos will make you an expert in no time
  • View and/or adjust employee shifts, inventory, reports, employee permissions, and more from your easy-to-use backend
  • Give employees limited access to your online business portal, including access to only one store location


  • Table side payment and tip options
  • Pre-set and custom tip options
  • Delayed tip functionality for sit down restaurants
  • Generate tip Reports
  • Drop reports from iPad

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