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Whether you are new to the industry or have been in it as long as we have, finding the right partnership with a processor who will back you in sales, give you support, and offer ease of mind when it comes to residual payments can be overwhelming, to say the least. TekCard Payments brings you over 8+ years of industry experience and has NEVER missed a residual payment.

Our success is measured at TekCard by the length of time we hold our relationships with our ISO partners, whether they are an individual or full sub office. Longevity is our goal when bringing on any new partnership relationships here at TekCard, and the first step to that is a lifetime residual commitment from us.

TekCard Payments constantly reforms, adds, integrates, and implements the latest in POS systems, gateway systems, mobile systems, wireless solutions, and our own TekTouch POS system. We never want you to lose a potential customer, whether it be due to pricing or technology.

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Here are the top 20 reasons TekCard is bringing on more partners than any other processor, day after day

Vested lifetime residuals (We never missed a payment, and we guarantee we never will!)
Process V/M/D/Amex all under one hub statement—True pass-through revenue on all card types
TekCard pays on more line items than anyone in the industry! If we make money, you make money!
2 hours or less guaranteed underwriting response and/or approval
E-app merchant app w/ e-signatures (Never fax another document again! All supporting documents can be submitted electronically!)
Up to 80% residual splits
Up to $300 per merchant ($150 with free equipment)
Lucrative free equipment program with high-speed, EMV, NFC-ready terminals.
TekTouch POS system—Free placement program (Apply Pay, EMV, V/MC/D/Amex ready!)
Technical and sales training
24/7 In-house multilingual customer service
24/7 Technical support
The most detailed back-end office system for you and your agents
Keep track of all your merchants/Live transaction data
Keep track of your residuals/Detailed reporting per merchant
Mirrored website with your contact information!
Never-say-no policy! TekCard will amend your pricing should you ever need to dip below to grab a sizable merchant and split the profit 50/50, no matter how low!
ATM programs (Free placement, lease, buy-out)
Early termination fee reimbursement up to $250!
Experienced and industry-expert dedicated sales support staff
Mobile, tablet, e-commerce solutions with no set-up costs!
Check service, recurring billing, gift card programs

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