About Us

TekCard Payments was formed with the vision of being the next-generation processor providing the most technologically advanced and future-proof payments related solutions to merchants nationwide. We are a processor built on integrity, trust, clarity and exceptional customer service for our merchants because without them there is no us. The founders of TekCard Payments bring with them over 10+ combined years of experience from the corporate level to the merchant facing street level. TekCard Payments originally founded as "New Horizon Merchant Services" in 2009 started as a successful sub-iso under another nationwide payment processor working hard throughout the years to become the full service international merchant service provider and processor it is today. We have taken the knowledge and experience gained over the years along with the observed needs of merchants to form an affordable and simple one-stop solution for our customers under one roof. Exceptional customer service, support and reporting to our merchants and partners are just some of the perks we provide at no cost.

TekCard Payments proudly offers the most comprehensive and affordable processing from small to mid sized businesses to nationwide franchises alike with our latest in POS systems, EMV/NFC terminals, ATM placements, Check Services, Gift Cards, Cash Advances, Freight / Shipping logistical solutions and more!

Of course we are here 24/7 to assist should you need us whether you are a merchant or one of our valued partners.

Already have a processing company and a cancel fee?

No problem we can help. TekCard Payments will pay any cancel fees up to $295 per merchant. We believe in our competitive processing costs, comprehensive tools and 24/7 merchant support so we will put our money on the line to show you why we are and should be your only provider going forward.

What is our rate?

No such thing as just “one rate”. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either misleading you or looking to make a quick close. There are over 200+ card types and all with varying costs for each one. Merchants can be on either of the two main types of pricing which are; Tier’d or Interchange Plus. Upon reviewing your existing statement, type of business and volume we can help better gauge which method is best for you.

Looking for the most comprehensive online merchant reporting?

With our merchant portal you can;

View statements going back 18 months
View live transaction data or go back and view 18 months worth of batches!
View statistical data on processing volume, transactions, chargebacks and more!

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