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We here at TekCard know the many struggles of owning your own small business. Do you run a business that is constantly on the go? Do you frequent trade shows, conventions, and gatherings with your products and/or services? Mobile processing offers the use of your swiper supplied by TekCard-connected to a iPhone/Android as a credit processing terminal. Accept all the card brands offered to retail merchants with the flexibility of being on the go! With our mobile payment solution, TekCard even gives you the capability to track your cash sales!

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Android compatible!

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android compatible!
Secure login with username and password
Use the mobile pay app or URL-based login-Track cash sales
Mobile processing on the go, anytime and anywhere, with 2.5 second transaction responses!
Email receipts directly to consumer + 2 others on the spot!
SMS receipt confirmation
Fraud protection tools 
Signature capture available
Lucrative online merchant portal: view batches, statements and important information regarding your account 24/7, anytime from anywhere!

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